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Custom Products

Cuustom Input Shaft Cart

Our Customer manufacture’s in a multi story building with a freight elevator. A pallet truck was their only option to load and unload.

The solution is a new product, the Levelizer™ Zero with Auto-Lock™. When the unit is full it is locked in place allowing for pallet truck access. The associate then can unlock and the unit will safely rise to a safe Ergonomic height.

Featured Product

Our latest innovation QEST™ makes changing the weight capacity as simple as pushing a pin. The Levelizer QEST™ is simply the best Levelizer™ ever!

Available on all models the QEST™ is affordable and reliable method to change the lifting capacity without removing any panels on the Levelizer™. 

Levelizer FLX™ is a new product that features the ability to reconfigure to meet the ever-changing demands of your facility. FLX™ also Features Four wheel steering system.